Blackview P6000 is a phone with high quality but in low-cost. When I saw the Blackview P6000’ s description, I doubted because I had never brought the Blackview phone before that I knew little about it and such an excellent phone was on sales with such a low price. I hesitated for some time before making my mind. Well, it is testified that my online shopping came with a satisfactory ends.


Blackview P6000 comes with 5.5inch 16:9 in-cell FHD JDI screen. Blackview P6000 display really amazes me with its fast responding speed, high color contract and wide visual angle. The images showed by the screen are so clear as if you meet them face to face. It brings me unprecedented visual feast.


Blackview P6000 is features with triple cameras (one front camera and dual rear cameras). It can take photos even at night. The 21.0MP + 0.3MP dual back cameras focus in 0.01 seconds. Compared with the traditional one, it is 4 times faster to let us enjoy the charm of the night. With that, we will not be troubles by disability of capturing the wonderful moment in a low-light condition.


The phone was well packaged. The package includes a Blackview P6000 smart phone, a charger, a data cable, a usage guider, a pair of earphones, an OTG cable, and a type-c earphone cable. I had not expected that there were a protective case and a screen protector.  


Blackview P6000 has 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, which is big enough to store all photos taken and videos we like. With the large operation storage, the phone runs smoothly and fast.


Blackview P6000 possesses 6180mAh battery, which is so huge that can last for several days. It is almost impossible to American mobile phones.

In addition, Blackview P6000 also supports face and fingerprint recognition. Once the screen lights up, Face Wake can detect 128 facial features to unlock the phone. This promises our privacy in daily life.