There is an increasing tendency that mobile phone brands comes with a slim ans slight body as well as bezel-less screens. Consumers are attracted by these new features but at the cost of durability of their cell phones. As a matter of fact, they are very sensitive to use particular under bad circumstances. You had better to take Blackview BV8000 Pro into your consideration, if you want to buy a rugged smartphone that can runs well in extreme conditions.


What draws most of my attention of Blackview BV8000 Pro is that it is a IP 68 smart phone, which meaning it supports water and dust resistance. And The frame is made from aluminum and magnesium and is also protected by rubber in some parts, exposing only the middle part of each side, with screws that are visible as a design aspect.  Therefore a few drops would not cause its breaking down, which is necessary to people, just like me, who are careless to make crashes on phones easily. Apart from being waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof, it can also operate in terrible environment, such as in hot and cold condition. Some mobile phone can not charge regularly or can’t get a full charge when it is cold, but it has never happen to Blackview BV8000 Pro. And the rubber does not cover the USB/charging/earphone port, not bringing inconvenience accordingly.


Samsung supplies the camera optics(S5K4H8 and S5K3P3). Blackview BV8000 Pro is features with dual camera. The 16MP rear camera can accurately capture the wonderful moment at any time and rear 5p lens coated with blue film makes the picture color more vivid and ture. F 2.0 large aperture offers wide-angle in capturing, and supports underwater capture, etc.


Blackview BV8000 Pro comes with a 5.0inch FHD screen display, which offers better color saturation and makes you a nice and wonderful experience while watching movies. Blackview BV8000 Pro’ s screen uses innovative glass that is the most suited to the new generation of BV mobile devices, due to the better wear-resisting and better texture quality than any other common glass and plastic. It comes with 1080*1920 resolution with excellent ability in reproducing original color, allowing us to make the screen thinner, clearer and brighter, which offers more colorful visual feast.


Blackview BV8000 Pro comes with 6GB +64GB memory. 6GB RAM with LPDDR4 doubles the running speed and lowers the power consumption to improve and increase the battery life. 64GB ROM and 256GB expanded provides enough room to store lots of photos, videos and apps and speedy running for many apps at the same time.


It adopts 4180mAh 9V/2A big Bak battery, which can standby more than 24 hours with heavy work and more than 48 hours if not used frequently.

Other features

Blackview BV8000 Pro bases on Android 8.0 OS system and MT6757 Octa-core processor up to 2.6GHz, ensuring the phone works smoothly.

It installs dual-satellite positioning system (GPS and GLONASS), being a reliable choice for miner or building workers who need to work underground, or in other complex tough working environment.

The fingerprint identification can unlock the phone in 0.1 seconds. It is amazing.

It supports dual SIM and dual standby.

It must be durable. I think it is in a decent size that can be put in our pocket.