It is the first time that I have brought the phone of Blackview brand. Fortunately, it is a wonderful experience. We can have a look at what makes Blackview BV7000 Pro attracted consumers.


While Blackview is not a brand that is popular among Americans, the Blackview BV7000 Pro smart phone draw people’ s attention successfully with its advantages. As a rugged phone, Blackview BV7000 Pro is not as heavy as I expected. In contrary, the whole body of it can be put into my pocket completely. My first impression on it is that it is elegant in aesthetic. And the rubbers around it will not feel rigid. There are several screws in the back of it to fasten it. I think they ensure the security of the phone in a higher level. The USB, earpiece and charging ports are covered by flaps to protest dust and water. When using the ports, you just need to open the flaps leaving it hung on the air. Even though the size of Blackview BV7000 Pro’ screen is 5.0inch, it looks like as big as a 5.5inch one. What an amazing thing it is! And the bezel of Blackview BV7000 Pro is just 3mm, thinner than most of other mobile phones.


The touch display of Blackview BV7000 Pro phone is 5.0inch with high definition. It is made from the Corning Gorilla glass with quite a high sensitivity of touch that it can be operated even with gloves on. The resolution of Blackview BV7000 Pro’ s screen is up to 1080*1920 pixel that the images taking on it is as clear as that on High Definition TV. The feature of it is beyond my expectation.


Blackview BV7000 Pro is based on a set of F2.0 big aperture13.0MP HD camera lens on the rear. It enjoys 13.0MP back camera and 8.0MP front camera. To my surprise, it should support us to capture excellent moments in life freely even under water.

Blackview BV7000 Pro has a 3500mAh high capacity battery which is enough for our daily use. It supports the 5V/2A quick charge, which is helpful to save our limited time.


Blackview BV7000 Pro is able to support 5G WIFI, which expands the bandwidth to 80Mhz and even more. Its transmission speed is up to 1Gbps and transfer rate to 125Mbps as fast as lighting. It is also a highlight of it because 5G WIFI is unavailable to many smart phones.


Blackview BV7000 Pro adopts MT6750T Qcta Core processor, which consists of 4*Cortex with 1.5GHZ to make demanding operation run fast, and other 4*Cortex-A53 with 1.0GHz to decrease power- consumption. Blackview BV7000 Pro provides a high performance and a better ability to save power due to this.


Blackview BV7000 Pro bases on 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. With such a huge memory room, Blackview BV7000 Pro will never disappoint you when running apps or downloading great amounts of images and videos. Furthermore, the adequate storage room ensures the faster and smooth user experience without tasting any of you wonderful moment.

Having such a good impression on Blackview BV7000 Pro, I will continue to pay attention to Blackview products.