It is seen that more and more mobile phone producer are entering the world at a rapid speed. While the Blackview, which is unknown in the past several years, now is becoming popular. What makes its improvements? You can have a closer look at it.


When I unlock the package, what shocked me is the appearance of Blackview BV6000s. Even though I know it is a rugged phone, it looks so robust, which is out of my expectation. Its volume is 152mm*81mm*16.6mm and 243 grams weight. I think the size and weight of it, as a rugged handset, is accepitable to me.

Other features

Blackview BV6000s is a IP68 rating phone that it has the features of water and dust resistance, which breaking through the limitation of taking photos underwater. The body of it is made of metal and rubber that it is also shockproof. I think the features mentioned above are necessary to a phone.

Blackview BV6000s is equipped with MT6737T Quad-core processor with a high speed up to 1.5GHz ensuring the phone runs smoothly.

Blackview BV6000s comes with 2GB and 16GB large storage room that the phone can read and write fast. 16GB storage space stores more and bears more.