Blackview A7 Pro is one of the Blackview A series which stands out for its quality and low price.

Display and Screen

Blackview A7 Pro is more elegant than other Blackview A series phones in appearance. The frame of it is streamlined and the corners are rounded. The combination of the straight lines and rounded corners produces an amazing effect. The application of the CNC technology makes it look shinning that the Blackview A7 Pro phone in black will not feel rigid. It, firstly, draws our attention in design. Blackview A7 Pro comes with HD IPS hard screen material, which is more stable compared with the ordinary LCD screen and the crushing resistance is much stronger. The screen is 5.0inch with a 1280*720 resolution, supplying us with sharp and vivid images.


Blackview A7 Pro contains dual cameras. The 5.0MP GC5025 camera which supports beautifying in soft light makes the photos fresh and lovely. With the function, we can also have the fun of taking selfie even at night or in cloudy days.

Voice Quality

Blackview A7 Pro adopts the Silicon Microphone, which dramatically increases the voice quality and the heat-resistance quality, and meets the demands of high quality voice application. You can get a call clearly even under a noisy circumstance.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint identification sensor is another charm of Blackview A7 Pro. The rounded fingerprint scanner fits my finger well that it exerts a feeling of comfort. What’ s more, the fingerprint recognition is convenient and safe in daily use.