Blackview A20 is the latest phone series of the Blackview brand, released in 2018. After seeing it is on sales, I bought it for my mother. She likes it very much, watching videos with it frequently. It does be a good mobile phone.

In the box

The deliver is fast. I received the phone five business days after I made my order. Everything is well-packed. As the other shopping, the package includes the common things that should be contained, a Blackview A20 phone, a charging cable, a user manual, a charger, a adapter, and a pair of earphones.


The appearance of Blackview A20 looks simple and exquisite. The pattern on its back makes it stereoscopic and looks glossy. It also touches comfortable.


Blackview A20 uses 5.5inch IPS LCD touch screen with a resolution of 480*960 resolution. The screen offers clear and vivid images. My mother likes to watch videos with the phone. And the display is made from AGC AN Wizus glass.


Blackview A20 comes with a 3000mAh high capacity battery with high-efficiency power performance. Because my mother does not use the phone heavily, it can last for a long time. With this, my mother is very contented.


Blackview A20 comes with dual rear cameras which are able to take photos high clearity. After buying my mother the phone, she seems to be interested in photographing because she always sends me photos she took.


Blackview A20 is equipped with Android Oreo (Go edition), it is said, which is specially customized for entry-level smartphones. It is one of the reasons why I bought it.

Generally speaking, Blackview A20 works well.