Blackview A10, a product of Blackview company in China, follows Blackview A7, Blackview A7 Pro and Blackview A9 Pro. Without doubt, it has the common features that modern smart phones contain. As a successful product, it must enjoy some special characteristics.


Blackview A10 made a breakthrough in design. Blackview A10 back cover has every detail of its design repeatedly carved. The fuselage design is integrated to create a thin fuselage and an exquisite feeling in our hand. This makes the rear shell more integrated. And it is simple, coming with only three colors- gold, silver and black. I think phones in many colors feel intricate. But Blackview A10 avoids the drawback. Its fingerprint is at rear beneath the primary camera and the LED flash. The front camera is at the top with the earpiece and ambient light sensor in the right beside it. Its frame is rounded and elegant, bringing enjoyment both in visual and touch feeling.

Blackview A10 is features with a 5.0inch high definition screen with high resolution. Blackview A10 screen comes with the image effect of 3D theaters that you can enjoy 3D movies without going out. Playing 3D games with it is more exciting.


Blackview A10 enjoys the flagship class of the rear photograph fingerprint identification, and the phone can be unlocked in a flash, smoothly and easily. The design of rear fingerprint recognition is more convenient compared to front fingerprint identification. All in all, fingerprint recognition is necessary in case of emergency.

Blackview A10 adopts the new generation four core 32bit processor guaranteeing the phone runs properly. It uses the 2GB of high capacity memory that the phone can run more apps at the same time in a higher speed and that the phone will not crash easily. It also comes with 16GB storage memory and 32GB memory expansion so we don’t need to clean the downloaded within a long time. With huge storage room, we can install what we want.

Blackview A10 supports 3G dual SIM standby while many other phones only support 2G. It comes with 8.0MP ultra-clear picture quality that never ends the lens, which meets your demands of taking photos.

Blackview A10 has a 2800mAh huge battery that it can last for a long time, increasing our efficiency in jobs.